The second edition of the T-Palm RECYCLE2 MIPIM promises to be an amazing challenge for the bodies and spirits of our 25 riders : from 9-14 March, follow our team on their 6-day, 1200km cycling journey from Brussels to Cannes, over hills and through valleys, braving the elements and sharing in their determination to surpass themselves in this epic cycling adventure.

This year’s ultra-fit peloton will be composed of 2 women and 23 men, who will be assisted by the RECYCLE2 crew in their endeavour to put their mental and physical strengths to the test in true peloton tradition. Having honed their cycling technique during numerous individual and collective sorties this past winter, and developed a sure-fire sense of team spirit, they are now all ready and determined to engage 100% in this human and sporting adventure which will lead them to the steps of the Belgian Pavilion on MIPIM’s opening night in Cannes.

But, they won’t be going it alone all the way…The 10-man team of riders coming down from Paris will be joining the Belgian ranks on the Macon to Valence leg of the journey. And last but not least, we will be integrating the English peloton of over 100 riders on our Valence to Aix-en-Provence leg, all proving that cycling is a sport that moves women’s and men’s bodies and souls for an exceptional human experience.

So, it’s with great pride in our team riders that we invite you to share in their efforts and comradeship by following them all on Facebook and Twitter. And although everyone is motivated to do the whole challenge, only a handful of mates will manage the full distance, each participant striving to do their very best to reach their own personal goals in a challenge which few could have imagined possible until now.
We here at RECYCLE2 MIPIM look forward to welcoming all of our riders in tried-and-true hero spirit, on the evening of March 14th at 4pm, in front of the Belgian Pavilion, where their exploits will be honoured by all. We also hope to see you on those Surrealestate Pavilion steps in Cannes to help us celebrate this great event and kick-off this year’s MIPIM 2017.

The T-Palm RECYCLE2 MIPIM team