Who is Cycle For Hope?

Cycle For Hope

Who is Cycle For Hope

Cycle for Hope is an initiative originating from ‘Run for Hope‘. This organization is dedicated to improving the daily lives of young patients battling cancer. Their commitment is demonstrated through supporting families, funding child development programs, and providing medical equipment and initiatives for pain relief, all with the goal of creating a lasting impact.

As an integral part of the King Baudouin Foundation, Run For Hope (Cycle for Hope) is a Belgian volunteer group focused on assisting children with cancer and their families. This collective effort raises funds to enhance the overall well-being of young patients during and after their treatment journey. The organization also supports initiatives for parents and siblings, extending assistance during times of grief. Additionally, Cycle for Hope allocates funds for child development programs and acquires medical equipment to address pain relief and treatment improvement needs not covered by social security.

The funds raised are, for example, dedicated to the “Beads of Courage”. The “Beads of Courage”is a tool that supports children and adolescents with cancer, as well as their families. Throughout their treatment journey, children or parents can assemble beads into a necklace, symbolizing different stages of the treatment. The “Beads of Courage” highlights treatment milestones and serves as encouragement for the child. Some families also use it to explain and prepare the child for upcoming treatment stages or to discuss the illness with their social circle.

Join the cause and be an active participant in our fundraising campaign, contributing to the financing of the various projects supported by Cycle For Hope (Run For Hope). Support and inspire your preferred cyclist or the entire cycling community by making a donation to the association.

Through the INOWAI REcycle2MIPIM challenge, we will also support other initiatives.

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Fundraising Platform

We express our gratitude to the following companies for their generous contributions to the fundraising platform. Thank you for your valuable support!

Centre Hospitalier du Luxembourg

The Centre Hospitalier du Luxembourg plans a significant investment for a Sensory Trolley, enhancing the well-being of young patients during challenging treatments. The trolley, equipped with sensory elements, creates a calming atmosphere through music, lighting, and tactile sensations. The multidisciplinary team observes positive effects on young cancer patients’ well-being.

Cliniques Universitaire: Institut du Roi Albert II


Cycle for Hope aims to fund an outdoor area at the upcoming King Albert II Institute, dedicated to treating cancer patients. This space, set to open in 2025, will serve both adults and children, providing a mental and physical escape for pediatric cancer patients undergoing invasive treatments. The garden will be a genuine playground—a haven for relaxation, creativity, and observation for the resilient children and young patients at the future King Albert II Institute.