The T-Palm RECYCLE2 MIPIM CHALLENGE : A Cycling Triumph !

This second edition of the T-Palm Recycle2 MIPIM was indeed a wonderful daring achievement for the 25 Belgian riders who rallied Cannes in true sporting style, and were heartily welcomed by a boisterous crowd and popping champagne corks on opening night on the steps of the Belgian Surealestate Pavilion. Over the course of 6 days, these motivated cyclists covered 1250 km, dedicating themselves body and soul to their collective sporting effort, relying on close peloton teamwork, months of grueling physical preparation and a dedicated crew to reach their common goal.

Their effort also highlighted their steadfast dedication to RENOVASSISTANCE, for which they have raised an incredible 9000€.This non-profit organisation is committed to procuring decent, clean and affordable housing for particularly disadvantaged families through the refurbishment of derelict buildings in the Brussels region, a goal which our riders intimately share in.

Our cycling squad also shared their experience with two other pelotons of passionate riders… because when the cycling experience is amazing, you want to share the fun ! On Day 4, they integrated a small peloton of 10 riders from Paris for a brilliant day of cycling through springtime valleys of flowering orchards and promising vineyards round Mâcon. And on Day 5, they shared the majestic landscapes of the Vercors with a large peloton of 100 English riders all headed south toward Cannes.

This collective feat accomplished by our riders would not have been possible without the devoted crew whose professional organisational skills and constant positive attitude contributed to an atmosphere of sporting and human adventure that all will treasure.

So, if you too would like to participate in a similar cycling adventure, be sure to check out upcoming Recycle2 sporting opportunities which are sure to offer you and your team mates new positive sensations of shared sporting experiences.

And to all 25 of our Belgian cycling heroes, we extend well-deserved congratulations and hope to see you and many others join in soon for another episode in life’s adventures.